Bitcoin adds its presence in street art

Artist Pascal Boyart adorns his street art with QR codes, and so far he has won some BTCs in sponsorship. The main crypto currency of the Bitcoin market adds its presence in street art.

Artistic mural raises Bitcoin
The artist Pascal Boyart recently painted a mural in Paris called „Confessions of a Red Buffoon“, a modern interpretation of Jan Matejko’s 1862 painting „Stańczyk“.

In Boyart’s interpretation, the titular jester is surrounded by trust notes on the floor and has what appears to be a tablet on the table next to him. Boyart has described the painting as dealing with both trust money and quantitative easing.

There’s another unique element: A large QR code in the lower left corner. Along with a spray-painted Bitcoin logo and a wallet address below.

The QR code allows anyone who scans it to donate Bitcoin directly to Boyart without any intermediaries. All of this points to Bitcoin adding to its presence in street art.

Boyart tweeted that so far he has received 0.0514 BTC. Since he first developed the artwork five days ago, or just under $500 to date.

Mural on Bitcoin raises up to $100 a day

Michael Novogratz admits to having more gold than Bitcoin
Michael Novogratz, one of the largest Bitcoin Lifestyle bullishers in the world, does not recommend investors to put most of their funds in Bitcoin.

Although Novogratz is confident that Bitcoin „outperforms“ the precious metal. It’s even safer to buy more gold than Bitcoin because of the highly volatile nature of cryptomonics.

„I have a feeling that Bitcoin far outweighs gold, but I would tell people to have much less Bitcoin than gold, just because of the volatility.“ Novogratz said during CNBC’s Fast Money on July 8.

Binance CEO to Support Coinbase IPO

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, the world’s leading crypto-currency exchange, said he would support the IPO planned for later this year by competing exchange partner Coinbase.

Coinbase plans to launch its own IPO by the end of 2020 or early 2021. This would ensure the $8 billion exchange access to a new stream of resources to continue investing in its development.